Treat yourself to a massage and other relaxing spa services.

Serenity Spa at West Sonoma Inn is the place to be transformed by the healing touch of an expert massage practitioner. We have massage and spa treatments in our menu of services to suit your personal needs and preferences.  Our spa products are carefully chosen to nourish and rejuvenate your body from head to toe, and our experienced practitioners will help you experience a level of healing and improved sense of well being that will make you glad you took the time for your own self-care. Please call 707-869-2874 to schedule a treatment. We look forward to serving you!

Classic Serenity Massage

Classic Serenity Massage is a western classical massage style that combines soft-tissue kneading techniques with long integrating strokes and gentle stretching to boost circulation, ease muscle tension and improve flexibility. Essential oils and hot towel compresses are included to enhance the experience and leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

70 minutes… $155, 90 minutes… $195

Serenity Blended Massage

The Serenity Blended Massage is designed to address specific areas of chronic tension as well as relax the entire body. Deeper pressure is used to unlock the persistent and cumulative muscle tightness that causes noticeable discomfort. This very relaxing treatment is complemented with the addition of hot towel compresses, pain relieving balms and essential oils.

70 minutes… $165, 90 minutes… $205

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage employs muscle penetrating modalities to release deep-seated stress and bring about relief to areas that were exhibiting chronic pain or tension. By encouraging relaxed deep breathing, your therapist will help you activate an even greater release of tension, thus bringing about a profound sense of well-being within the entire musculoskeletal system. Hot towel compresses, pain relieving balms and essential oils are also integrated for a deeper healing.

70 minutes… $175, 90 minutes… $215

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage is a memorable healing treatment that uses an assortment of heated river rocks, therapeutic creams and manual massage to relax the musculature and soothe the entire body-mind. This massage will ease you into a deep level of relaxation that melts away the stress and tension of everyday life. The addition of essential oils can add another level of healing and rejuvenation to this special experience.

70 minutes… $185, 90 minutes… $235

Facial Massage Combo

This treatment is a favorite among groups of friends and for gift certificates. It begins with a relaxing back massage and ends with a luxurious facial. You can choose among products by Jurlique, Perricone MD and Skinceuticals and an emphasis on either “Age-refining” or “Moisturizing.” This is an experience you will want to repeat.

60 minutes… $155, 70 minutes… $175, 90 minutes… $215

Prenatal Massage

The prenatal massage at Serenity Spa utilizes specialized cushions that allows the woman to lay face down as well as face up during her entire treatment. It combines Swedish and Lymphatic techniques with special attention to specific areas of tension. Hot towel compresses and aromatherapy complement the treatment.

70 minutes… $165, 90 minutes… $205

Massage Add-ons 20 minutes… $50

Hair & Scalp Warm Oil Treatment

Your practitioner will deeply condition your hair and scalp with a blend of select essential oils and pure organic jojoba oil. You may want to leave the oils in your hair for a while after the treatment. We promise, it will feel wonderful.

Sound Energy-Field Healing

Serenity Spa now offers the experience of sound healing with the Solfeggio Tuning Fork Frequencies. Sound therapies help to reduce stress, elevate mood, improve blood pressure and enhance sleep. Tuning forks are activated and used in and over the body for energetic clearing, healing and chakra balancing.

Happy Feet

For the people that love having their feet rubbed, this add-on treatment is the one for you. An invigorating foot scrub, hot towel wrap and foot massage will give your feet the extra love they deserve. Make your feet happy while you’re here!


CBD application on specific areas for pain relief and relaxation… $10

Extended the length of any treatment or include reflexology, 20 minutes… $40


Please call 707-869-2874 to schedule a treatment. To insure that you get the times that you desire, we highly recommend that you schedule your treatments in advance.

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